The gentle art of taking the sith

TS’s first iced snack of the year is always a sweet experience, although so is consuming the hundreds of sprinkle-encrusted Krispy Kreme doughnuts we enjoy every week in between scribbling those hard-nosed beancounting stories.

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Of course, another hint of summer is the annual flow of blockbuster movies that hit our cinema screens between now and the end of August.

One of these is the sixth and final Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith, a definite favourite among the TS ranks (who, in a certain light and on a Friday afternoon, often resemble a small gathering of shorthaired Ewoks).

It seems to be equally popular with the ICAEW which, apart from discussing the ‘dark side’ of the evil galactic institute merger, is now sending emails with short encrypted Jedi-esque messages.

TS has always wondered why Paul Druckman, when not leading the institute, is found wearing a long robe and carrying a light sabre.

Still, that get up is nothing like the Iron Maiden T-shirt, black drainpipe jeans and cherry red Doc Martins boots TS wears to work, erm, I mean, the ‘resplendent robes’ worn by the ‘worshipful company of tax advisers’ during its traditionally-adorned event in the City last week.

Tax professionals across the land could perhaps take a few fashion tips from the plume-hatted fellows who graced the colourful ceremony.

Naturally, wearing feathers in their caps is nothing new for accountants, but being told by the London School of Economics that number-crunchers are more likely to end up with boys during parenthood, while nurses are more likely to produce girls, takes the biscuit.

TS would much rather have a lovely ice lolly, while catching a few rays? quickly followed by a beer or sith, erm, six!

Have a great bank holiday readers.

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