CODA unveils new showpiece.

The solution was produced after two years of testing and which the company hopes will enable it to strengthen its presence in the insurance, finance,, ASP and application hosting markets.

CODA-Financials V8.0 provides the first combined release of CODA-Financials, e-finance, procurement and e-procurement. It uses BASDA e-BIS and XML technologies to allow the electronic exchange of documents between businesses and customers.

Jeremy Roche, CODA president of product strategy, said: ‘Large banks, insurers and financial institutions demand the highest levels of performance from their corporate accounting solution in order to handle the particularly large volumes of through-put they process daily.

‘CODA-Financials V8.0 also presents the first stage in the delivery of CODA’s framework for collaborative commerce that provides organisations with a fully-integrated platform from which they can e-enable their enterprise’.


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