Diversity experts push for disability recruitment in accountancy

Diversity experts have called on the accountancy sector to do more to promote
disability friendly recruitment and employment policies in the industry.

‘The accountancy profession has made steady progress with regards to gender
and ethnic equality, and we need to mirror that success in tackling disability
equality,’ PwC director of Equality and Inclusion, Sarah Churchman said.

Speaking at a seminar on Disability as a dimension of diversity attended by
the Big Four, Churchman said: ‘Whether people are personally affected by a
disability or not, firms need to take immediate steps to build a culture that
promotes a better understanding of working with disability and the issues it
raises in terms of education, support and the working environment.’

CEO of Employment Opportunities, Karin Pappenheim, said the group, which
previously worked with Citi and leading law firm K&L Gates, was turning its
focus on accountancy firms employing people with disabilities, who represent an
untapped talent pool.

‘Disability seems to be the last frontier in diversity; but there are
promising signs that more firms are now ready to address this issue – and we are
ready with practical solutions to help them,’ she said.

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