Madonna & Guy Ritchie divorce to buck payout trend

The High Court has granted Madonna Ciccone and Guy Ritchie a divorce after
eight years of marriage.

Although initial press reports speculated that Guy Ritchie could receive
millions in a divorce settlement, the film maker is rumoured to be bucking the
trend and walking away without a penny of Madonna’s fortune.

The couple reportedly called in celebrity accountants MGR to decipher which
assets are jointed and separately owned as no pre-nuptial agreement was signed.
The accountancy firm had to calculate assets which included the couples £7m
house in London as well as one they jointly owned in the country.

Ritchie is estimated to have assets of approximately £30m while Ciccone is
worth in excess of £300m.

The couple who were granted the divorce this week has also decided to split
custody of their two children with Ciccone’s having full custody of her daughter
from an earlier partnership.

MGR list other clients such as Emma Thompson, the sugarbabes and John Cleese
who is currently in the midst of a messy divorce from third wife Alyce Faye

Both parties were not present when the ruling was made.

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