Online computing to get code of conduct

Accountancy software that includes online processes could find that they have
to adhere to a code of conduct being set up by an IT pressure group.

The online computing, or cloud computing, industry is continuing to grow but
has been bought into question regarding security concerns.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) was created to define standards and set a
formal professional accreditation industry for online computing. It is being
spearheaded by IT pressure group the Federation against Software Theft, (FAST)
and Investors in Software (LiS)

“The cloud revolution has been growing steadily for the past few years. It is
now on the verge of becoming mainstream within the IT industry,” said John
Lovelock chief exec at FAST LiS.

“Organisations seeking to use these services need a straightforward form of
certification or ‘Code of Conduct’ for potential suppliers that will accurately
define the services offered and standards of operation and security,” he added.

“We see the launch of such a code of conduct driving up standards so that the
industry and the customers both benefit,” he said.

The forum will announce the IT company involved in creating the Code of
Conduct and was created to deter potential “cowboy” cloud computing companies.

“If we can develop a standard that users trust, much like the padlock symbol
has done in the browser relating to website security, then it will be an asset
not only to the user but also to the serious and credible cloud technology
companies operating in this space,” said CIF chairman Andy Burton.

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