Sharman calls for NAO power increase.

The National Audit Office should be allowed to audit all non-departmental public bodies, according to former KPMG senior partner Lord Sharman.

Unveiling his review of central government audit, Sharman said the NAO should audit all NDPBs and be given stronger access powers to organisations that receive public funds such as train operating companies.

Sharman also urged the DTI to allow the NAO to audit companies established by public bodies.

Such companies would include the New Millennium Experience Company, responsible for the troubled Dome attraction. To do so, the DTI and NAO would need to work together to overcome obstacles in the Companies Act.

Launching the report, Holding To Account, Sharman said: ‘The UK has a long tradition of rigorous parliamentary audit and accountability. My report suggests ways in which this tradition can be built upon by removing anomalies in the audit arrangements which have arisen as government has developed new forms of service delivery.’

Copies of the report can be found on the Treasury’s web site,

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