Revenue to reveal Mrs Doyle successor

It is expected the Revenue will change its message from last year’s theme centred on filing returns online. One message being discussed is along the lines of ‘come in and talk to the tax office’.

A Revenue spokesman this week told Accountancy Age that the idea of running with a one-line slogan had been rejected and hinted a real-life actor or actress would be used.

He added: ‘Hopefully we will unveil the new campaign in the next couple of weeks. We can confirm that a Mrs Doyle or Father Jack-type character is not being considered.

‘We are looking at various alternatives and will consider in the future whether it will be for one year or longer.’

Last year Accountancy Age broke the news of the Revenue’s decision to appoint Mrs Doyle to replace the long-serving bowler hat-clad tax inspector Hector, who was retired after five years’ service.

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