Half of staff overpaid by their employers

Almost half of employees have been overpaid by their employer but a third of staff didn’t own up and pocketed the cash, a survey has found.

In more than a third of cases staff received at least £250 more than they should have.

Scottish staff are the most dishonest, with only one in five having owned up to an error. Those in the South East, came top of the honesty league – 36% admitted to flagging up discrepancies in their pay packets.

But Ian Sharland, managing director of HR Services at CMG, which commissioned the survey, warned that payroll discrepancies could actually undermine employees’ trust in their employer, not to mention make a serious dent in a company’s cashflow.

‘It may be a nice surprise for most of us to find a mistake in our payslip that’s in our favour, but it’s a different story altogether for the company concerned. Salary is obviously one way to motivate and retain staff, but it has to be done properly,’ Sharland said.

The survey of 600 adults was conducted by ICM Research.

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