Football is good for business

Staff morale has been positively booming as a result of the World Cup with productivity largely unaffected or even improved, according to UK finance directors.

In this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question, a majority of FDs said World Cup viewing had not harmed companies’ productivity.

Indeed, the 39% of finance directors that said it had affected productivity, only found profitable changes.

One FD said: ‘It has affected productivity in a positive way due to the feelgood factors.’

Another added: ‘It has improved it. The goodwill created by giving people time off to watch the games has ensured they all are working really well.’

A total of 51% of 230 FDs polled said the World Cup had not affected productivity, but many also added that the tournament had boosted moral.

‘Slightly up if anything. It has brought together departments that may not otherwise mix,’ said one respondent. ‘Probably the reverse as staff ensure their duties are covered within the flexitime system to enable them to watch the games of their choice.’

Goodwill gestures by the majority of companies polled seem to have done the trick in curbing high absenteeism. Most FDs said their companies had either allowed staff to take time off as long as they made it up, while others arranged for TVs to be brought in.

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