Arsenal begins search for CFO

Arsenal Football Club has announced that it will create CFO and CEO roles
following the departure of managing director Keith Edelman.

The CFO will handle the financial aspects of the club, while the CEO will
include within their role footballing affairs – which was not part of Edelman’s

A new financial head at the club should not be faced with a too onerous
long-term debt, having refinanced its borrowing before the credit crunch. It is
also looking for a windfall from the sale of its properties built at its former
home on Avenell Road.

‘The head-hunters are presently interviewing people within the club, the
board and others, to get each person’s view on what it is we need exactly,’ said
Arsenal director Danny Fiszman.

Edelman oversaw the financing of the new stadium, which is funded through a
25-year loan protected from interest rate fluctuations.

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