Dome’s hamster auctioned for £3,000

The four-day public auction, which will conclude on Friday, gave the public the opportunity to buy contents from the Dome, owned by the New Millennium Experience Company.

Following the closure of the UK attraction on 31 December, revenue from the sale will fall into the NMEC coffers. Among the items sold so far, a six-foot hamster fetched £3,000.

Derek Sadler, Henry Butcher’s international director responsible for the Dome project, said he was confident of hitting at least £3m. He added: ‘A lot will depend on the size of the crowd, but nothing is impossible, this is an opportunity for people to purchase a piece of history.’

Divided into 14 themed zones, the Dome housed assets including lighting, audio-visual, broadcast and sound equipment, restaurant facilities and battery-powered vehicles.

Some assets were selected for private treaty sale, which was completed in mid February, but the majority of assets are being sold at the public auction.


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