Taking Stock – Survey reveals the naked truth of figures.

More on the revelation that accountants are not boring. In fact it seems the men and women of figures are going out of their way to demonstrate they are downright sensational by revealing they would like to do it in the nude. Er, training that is. A survey at the National Accountancy Exhibition revealed almost a third of respondents think being nude would make training more exciting. Around 65% said training in the Caribbean would make things more interesting while Liz Hurley and George Clooney came out tops as favoured instructors. Now, the Caribbean we can understand but TS is interested in the origins of this nudity obsession. Assuming the respondents were venting their true feelings we can only guess there’s a lot of repressed accountants out there just dying to rip off their clothes and learn about debits and credits or double entry bookkeeping. For those who have trouble with arithmetic it may be that being disrobed gives more points of anatomy on which to count, or it could be that a third of accountants are just exhibitionists. However, we feel an improvement in handling figures is inevitable. The survey results bring a whole new meaning to ‘dress down’ and we wonder whether the Big Five will be as quick to endorse this latest idea. We suggest special naturist rooms for those who wish to go ‘au naturel’. If you’re at KPMG it will have to be well away from that drafty lobby area at Salisbury Square where the wind blows in straight from Siberia. Actually, that’s not true but you wouldn’t want to be exposed there even so.

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