SFO caseload increases in sea change

In a sea change planned at the
Serious Fraud Office
(SFO), fraud cases with little chance of success will be scrapped in favour of
more probes into crimes such as corporate corruption abroad and consumer scams.

Richard Alderman, SFO director, told the Financial Times the agency
aimed to increase its case load by 65 to 100 or more by closing unpromising
probes and switching the resources to new investigations in growth areas of
financial crime.

The changes are the latest in a series of big changes proposed during
Alderman’s first three-month tenure. Alderman said he expected an ongoing review
of the worth of the SFO’s cases to lead to some being closed down and large
numbers to be opened in their place.

He said he expected to open more cases in areas such as City-related crimes
and corporate foreign corruption, which already accounts for about one-third of
the SFO’s existing probes.

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