Online software may have security flaws

Online software applications may not take off as well as predicted due to the
increased risk of IT security flaws.

Technology consultancy Gartner has said that software as a service email
applications will surge in the next three years, however Fortify, the IT
vulnerability specialists, have disputed this figure as it believes that once
customers realise the security limitations, the rate of growth will decline.

Rob Rachwald, director of marketing at Fortify, said: ‘There is nothing
intrinsically wrong with SaaS-driven email, but companies need to be very
careful to verify the service they are using has the required security
technology and processes to meet regulatory compliance issues, as well as the
infrastructure required to meet the needs of any organisation.’

‘The financial imperative for Cloud Computing is very strong, especially in
these recessionary times but, again, the security issues involved may well
temper many companies’ move in this regard’ he added.

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