ICAEW defeats district society rebels

The campaigners, led by Don Heady, lost the votes by around 67% to 23% in a result which was announced at the meeting today.

Institute officials will be hugely relieved at the result. A vote against the district society reforms would have thrown many of their reform plans into chaos.

Around 22,000 of the institute’s 115,000 or so members voted.

The egm was the culmination of an acrimonious fight that pitted the weight of the institute’s national officers against a small but vocal band of pro-society dissidents.

The controversial plans first came to light last year when the institute outlined plans to revamp the network of 22 societies, replacing their infrastructure with 10 regional bodies.

Arrangements for the restructuring have already started, with some contracts for new offices and staff already signed. A reversal of of the policy could have incurred significant costs for the institute.


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