Sharman fights accounting report ‘burial’

As Lord Sharman awaited a response from the government this week, it was understood his report had spawned a small industry of committees looking into his recommendations.

Pushing the government to act, he said: ‘I want to make sure it’s not going to get buried – I don’t think it will, but I want to remind people it’s around and needs a response.’

The report, which called for wider investigatory powers for the National Audit Office, including access to private sector bodies that receive public money, was embraced enthusiastically by the influential Public Accounts Committee when it was released in February last year.

But since then Lord Sharman has not heard whether his recommendations would be accepted by the government. ‘I have no idea what’s happening,’ he said.

A spokesman for the Treasury said no date had been set but with the return of parliament this week there would be a response ‘sooner rather than later’.

Explaining the delay in responding, he said: ‘We have been consulting with a wide number of departments and other organisations.’

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