Taking Stock – The Dome is just an oversized tent.

Overheard outside Committee Room 15 just before the witnesses were summoned to give evidence in front of the Public Accounts Committee on the Dome.

Witness 1: ‘I’d just like to say its not too late to give you your old job back.’

Witness 2: ‘I’d just like to say its not too late to say no.’

Witness 1: ‘I’d even be prepared to pay you this time.’

No clues as to who the conversation was held between, but TS can confirm it didn’t involve Neil Spence. Curiously, there was a strange man hanging around outside the committee rooms, handing out leaflets promoting Bristol United Rugby & Football Club. ‘We should be promoting something that will show England at its best, not some tent in Greenwich,’ declared our tipsy footballing friend. A friendly Palace of Westminster bobby escorted him off the premises, though after listening to the inquisition of the Dome chiefs, he might have had a point.

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