US poll labels accountants lowest of low

In the US accountants stand accused of being among the lowest of the low in
the social pecking order, according to a new poll. Meanwhile, a survey in the UK
has come out saying quite the opposite, elevating the status of accountants to
that of life guru.

Approximately 1,020 US adults were interviewed and asked to grade professions
as those considered to be with ‘very great prestige’ all the way down to ‘hardly
any prestige at all’.

Accountants were associated with prestige by only 17% of those polled, and so
joined the ranks of the most derided along with bankers and journalists. Even
lawyers beat them.

In the UK, however, software provider MYOB found that 59% of small business
owners are reliant on their accountants for business advice, tax returns and
advice on new legislation – and they placed them ahead of friends and family!

Even better, accountants take top spot, ahead of solicitors.

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