ICAS slams institute merger name

The potential merger between the ICAEW and CIPFA and the proposed name, ‘The Institute of Chartered Accountants’, is ‘too broad and inaccurate’ according to the Scottish accounting body.

Link: Welsh rebellion over merger plans

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and its president, Ian Robertson, said that the body and its members would ‘robustly oppose’ the preferred name.

‘The style proposed seems to ignore the fact that throughout the world the various chartered accountancy institutes are differentiated by a national designation,’ he said.

Robertson stressed that he was not denigrating the ‘high professional standing’ of CIPFA but said that as the merged institute would be an ‘amalgam of accountants, not all of whom are in an everyday sense recognised as being chartered accountants’, that it would make the preferred name ‘even more problematic’.

‘If the use of a national delineation to the name of the newly merged institute is not satisfactory, might I suggest “The Institute of Some Chartered Accountants and Public Finance Accountants”?’ Robertson added.

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