Deloittes hit by New York attack

The Big Five firm operated from the World Financial Center which faced the twin towers and was connected to it via two bridges. The WFC burst into flames on Wednesday as fires from the other buildings spread.

A spokesperson for Deloittes confirmed there would have been UK employees seconded to the New York office and some may have been located at 2 World Financial Centre, Deloittes main New York office.

The spokesperson said the firm’s main priority was to look after its people and that it was currently conducting a role call of its staff.

Another spokesperson from Deloittes said that the firm has been in contact with its colleagues in the US but could not confirm that nobody from Deloittes had been hurt.

‘Now we are operating from an alternative office in Broadway,’ she said.

According to the spokeswoman, Deloittes has not had offices at the World Trade Center since 1993, when a previous terrorist attack took place. At the time, the offices were damaged so badly that the firm decided to move.


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