Snipes claims he is a ‘non-resident alien’

In the latest twist to the bizarre trial of actor Wesley Snipes, state
prosecutors have produced a 600-page declaration, in which the actor describes
himself as a ‘non-resident alien’ of the United States.

Snipes is currently on trial in Ocala, Florida for tax evasion as well as
submitting a fraudulent tax refund claim.

The actor has blamed his co-accused – tax accountants Eddie Kahn and Douglas
Rosile – for persuading him to not pay his taxes.

According to the state, Snipes submitted his extraordinary declaration to the
US Internal Revenue Service, refuting his Social Security number and also
warning that further prosecution attempts by the tax department could lead to
professional consequences for federal employees.

In the document, Snipes further assured that he had ‘no ill intent or malice’
and didn’t want to evade any lawful requirement to pay taxes.

But he went on to say the government had ‘no lawful authority to impose any
kind of criminal sanctions.’

The actor also claimed he had no taxable US income, and that IRS form that he
was required to fill in relation to the issue was ‘absolutely the wrong form for
me to file.’

Snipes warned that the government’s ‘illegal collection action’ would result
in ‘significant personal liability’ and that ‘pursuit of such a high profile
target will open the door of your increased collateral risk.’

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