Government accounts ‘to be delayed’

Government plans to produce a single consolidated set of accounts may be
delayed following issues with the move to international financial reporting
standards, the
Treasury committee has said

The Ministry of Defence and the Department of Health are both behind in the
move to IFRS and are set to miss the deadline, it emerged this week.

‘If the changeover does lead to reduced timeliness in 2008/09, or to a
significant increase in the number of audit qualifications, or both, this might
put at risk the latest timetable for the publication of the first Whole of
Government Accounts in 2008/09,’ the committee said in a report on the work of
the Treasury departments.

The comments came in a report which was heavily critical of bonuses paid to
HM Revenue & Customs’ staff.

The committee complained there had been ‘slippage’ in meeting HMRC targets
and voiced ‘particular alarm’ at a continued failure to meet its target for
processing VAT receipts and improve the administration of tax credits.

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