HMRC staff receives ‘bonus for failure’

Conservative MP has attacked as ‘rewards for failure’ payments of
bonuses to senior tax officials, totalling more than £23m – up almost 25% on
last year.

The performance-related payouts, disclosed yesterday after a freedom of
information act request, are expected to reach £23.1m over the financial year –
up 22% on 2006-7, according to

The payouts to HM
Revenue & Customs
staff come just three months after the department
admitted it had lost computer discs containing the details of 25m people and
despite the department continuing to lose £1bn to fraud and error.

An estimated 40,000 staff could receive bonuses but the biggest rewards will
go to the most senior managers. Last year, 220 staff shared £1.7m, or £7,727
each. This year, the most senior staff has been allocated £2.2m – up by almost

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