Taking Stock – Getting the wrong end of the whip.

Those of you who regularly surf the internet for all those gripping finance websites will know full well how easy it is to put a keyword into your search that throws up completely unexpected results.

Indeed an employee at TS once put their own name into a search only to discover it had been commandeered by a group of young ladies whose mothers were obviously unaware of the kind of trade they were pursuing. Small riding crops and handcuffs were among their tools of the trade. And we’re not talking mounted police.

Therefore if you were some lonely individual searching for a bit of late night internet titillation you might be shocked to discover what you would find if you searched the word ‘castigator’.

Horror on horror the poor unsuspecting fetishist will find himself facing the awful spectre of the accountants’ Joint Disciplinary Scheme’s new website.

Now we here at TS hasten to point out this is no site for accountants with leather obsessions, but the site where you can find out just who’s been wrapped over the er … knuckles for an accounting misdemeanor.

JDS is the er … body that holds accountants to book for financial waywardness, imposing fines and even, at times, excluding practitioners from the profession.

Chris Dickson, executive counsel at the JDS, and the instigator of castigator, said the site will cover the organisation when it transforms into the Investigations and Discipline Board.

We’re left only to speculate how popular the site will be but Chris Dickson, rumoured to be the instigator of castigator, will have to ask exactly who is visiting the site.

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