Praxis makes management an art

The Praxis Centre at the Cranfield School of Management and Shakespeare’s Globe are to bring together business and the arts through their joint venture in management development. They are committed to continue working together to provide creative solutions for managers and a range of programmes that combine arts and theatre techniques with more traditional approaches.

“Emotional and Political Intelligence in Leadership with Julius Caesar” (7-8 June 1999) and “Stepping into Leadership with Henry V” (27-28 July 1999) combine technical aspects of theatre training with the timeless issues of leadership brought into focus by Shakespeare’s plays.

“Presence and Peak Performance” (7-9 September 1999) and the “Power of Inspiration: Speech-Writing, Speech-Making” (29 November-1 December 1999) aim to improve managers’ ability to motivate and inspire others, and work on a deeper level than traditional presentation skills courses.

The Praxis Centre uses a variety of in-depth approaches to improve personal and managerial effectiveness holistically, engaging body, mind and spirit.

The centre is long established, and clients are generally senior managers from blue-chip organisations. Managers who attend the courses claim that their lives (working and personal) are transformed.

Dr Jacquie Drake, director of the Praxis Centre, says: “Our collaboration has resulted in programmes that encourage imaginative engagement and are a powerful vehicle for managers to reach their full potential.”

The programmes are directed by Richard Olivier, theatre director and visiting fellow of Praxis. “This is a truly creative and collaborative venture. My colleagues and I have been developing courses for the last three years to build bridges of mutual benefit between the business and art communities.”

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