Taking Stock – Go on my Sun, put some lead in your page 7 pencil.

Talk about boring accountants! The Sun, yawn!, voice of the masses, just can’t bring itself to leave the subject of our venerable profession alone.

In TS’s search to monitor the press for its readers we find, next to a picture of a young lady who is so dressed down she couldn’t even pass for being in business casual, is the story of Colin Orman who claims to have used the same pencil, rubber and pencil sharpener for the past 30 years.

An accountant since 1971 Colin ‘still has lead in his pencil’ after three decades according to the red top.

Remarkable! If it takes Colin that long to use a pencil TS wonders how long it’s taking Colin’s clients to depreciate their assets. That said what’s even more remarkable is that The Sun is writing about it.

Devoting most of page seven to the story you have to ask yourself whether Monday was a tad quiet. Still as long as accountants are getting good publicity TS is happy.

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