Cameron promises to scrap ‘stealth’ taxes

David Cameron
has pledged that if his party comes to power he will introduce a mechanism
ensuring that the Budget speech includes all key elements of the Finance Bill.

Speaking to the Daily
, Cameron compared the Budget to the annual audit of a
company’s books and criticised
for regularly excluding major tax changes from his actual
budget speech.

‘Why can’t we have a chancellor of the exchequer who gives a faithful report
of what is going on in the country, and what is actually in his Budget?’
Camerson said.

Cameron said he was working with shadow chancellor George Osborne on a
framework which would prevent the chancellor from introducing new Budget
measures without explicitly setting them out in the Budget speech.

‘When I was in business, when I used to to write annual reports they were
checked and verified by auditors to make sure you gave a faithful report of what
the company was doing.’

Cameron criticised Brown for the changes he made to advanced corporation tax
and for raising income allowances by less than the rate of wage inflation.

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