CEOs not getting to grips with e-commerce, says survey

Businesses are not evolving with technological changes, according to research conducted by the Cranfield School of Management and Microsoft Ltd. The ‘Business Barometer’ findings show that 64% of businesses are still not using e-commerce in its sales plans.

Neil Holloway, managing director of Microsoft UK Ltd, ‘E-commerce is not a fad. It is a fundamental part of business evolution. So many web sites are just on-line brochures – a real e-commerce solution allows customers to buy and sell products and services just as they would in a traditional supply chain.’

The new research could weigh heavily on prime minister Tony Blair’s plans to make the UK the leader in e-commerce. The Business Barometer criticised CEOs for not taking the lead in implementing new e-commerce strategies.

Murray Steele, head of strategic management group at Cranfield School, said: ‘Although senior executives see the need for e-commerce, they only appear to see it as an add-on channel to market. They do not propose to change the way they do business, or how they conduct their marketing in support of e-commerce.’

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