Businesses leap at chance to shop each other to HMRC

UK businesses have been using a recently-established Tax Evasion Hotline to
shop each other to the tax authorities, in a bid to stop rivals from gaining ‘an
unfair advantage’.

Callers to the hotline, unveiled by HM
Revenue & Customs
in March, have risen from 40,000 in September to the
most up-to-date figure of 75,000, the department said in a new consultation

HMRC says this is a significant advance in its efforts to stamp out tax
evasion, and has hailed the Tax
Evasion Hotline
 a success.

HMRC attributed the surge to the fact that businesses are happy to cooperate
with the tax authority when their rivals are trying to gain ‘an unfair

The department said it wanted to encourage this type of communication with
taxpayers as part of its bid to deliver a ‘new relationship with business’.

The consultation also described HMRC designs to ease the burden on enterprise
over the next four years.

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