Indians rename road in honour of accountants

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A street in India’s capital Delhi has been named Chartered Accountants’ Lane
to recognise the area is home to a majority of the city’s chartered accountancy
students and the offices of around 5,000 qualified accountants.

An Indian accounting quarter has emerged in east Delhi because accountants
have wanted to work near a cluster of important institutions such as the income
tax department, company registration offices, the Delhi sales tax office and the
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

The move has not been universally welcomed however, even though the street
had no name in the past. Lata Gupta, the local municipal councillor, had no
prior warning of the move.

She said: ‘Tomorrow we might see an Engineers’ Lane or Shopkeeper’s Lane.’

She told Accountancy Age that proper procedures had not been
followed in the naming of thestreet and an inquiry had already been ordered into
the switch by the Mayor of Delhi.

The sign bearing the name of the street also displays the name of some senior
local chartered accountants. This has also annoyed the councillor.

‘Roads should be named after great leaders,’ she said, adding that could
include a senior economist or even chartered accountant.

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