CIOT wants ‘proper research’ into SA failure

John Whiting, CIOT president, said it was ‘telling’ that one-in-ten taxpayers, who must complete and return self-assessment tax forms failed to do so on time.

He said: ‘We think that the time has come for proper research into the reasons for so many people failing to meet their responsibilities’.

The institute believes it is not just ‘inertia’ that is causing the problem and pointed to ‘complexity, poor communication and perception of tax’ as all playing a part in the deadline being missed.

In support of this it quoted figures showing that as many as 82% of MPs had difficulties completing the forms, and got somebody else to do it.

Last week officials confirmed that 8.25 million tax returns have been received, from a total of 9.11 million 2000/2001 SA returns sent out.

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