Mentoring under-developed in finance profession

Coaching and mentoring is poorly practised by the finance profession, which
fails to pass on good practice and wastes training investment.

ACCA’s report, The Coaching and Mentoring Revolution – is it working?, found
few organisations with an embedded coaching culture in their business.

Although 85% of respondents saw coaching as beneficial, 60% do not use a
credited internal or external coach to develop finance staff competencies.

When coaching does occur, it tends to be retricted to senior managers.

‘We see very clearly that the establishment of coaching and mentoring
practices across the profession is an aspiration rather than a reality for most
organisations, said Jamie Lyon, co-author of the report at ACCA.

‘Coaching and mentoring is incredibly powerful but unfortunately in many
cases these benefits are not materialising because the practices are not being
utilised as widely as they could be.’

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