Mazars agrees £2,000 fine in impartiality case

A disciplinary order from the ICAEW this week revealed the details of the
case, heard in January and relating to a court order from June 1999.

The anonymised order details a series of relationships between a client of
Mazars and another individual whom the firm had instructed.

The network of relationships ‘could have led a reasonable person to conclude
that Mazars were not acting or might not act impartially, the consent order

The firm said in a statement: ‘The finding is of a prima facie case only; it
is not a finding of wrongdoing. The case refers to a perception of a lack of
impartiality; it does not imply any actual lack of impartiality. The acceptance
of the consent order is not an admission of “guilt” on our part but is a
commercial decision taken at this stage to avoid further legal and time costs.
Mazars remains proud of its excellent disciplinary record.’

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