KPMG joins People’s Lottery for bid

The team from the Big Five firm’s consulting arm, together with the People’s Lottery, met for a briefing with the National Lottery Commission on Friday for 40 minutes.

John Jackson, deputy chairman of the People’s Lottery, said: ‘We know what the NLS requires and we will provide it in the four week period.’

Despite rejecting the initial bid, the lottery regulators gave Sir Richard Branson’s consortium one month to submit an improved bid.

Jackson said the KPMG team will work on the project until the launch in 2001. The consortium chose KPMG following talks with other consultancy firms, he said.

Furious at its exclusion from the second-round of negotiations, Camelot, the current lottery organiser sought and won a judicial review of the regulators’ decision in the High Court on Tuesday.

Camelot go to court over lottery loss

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