Deloitte joins consortium to help EU businesses

member firms
operating in the EU have joined forces with consultants
Capgemini and
to helping businesses cut costs related to EU legislation.

The three firms will operate as part of a consortium set up by the European
Commission to carry out an 18-month program assisting the EU and its member
states to measure and to identify opportunities to reduce costs faced by
businesses in complying with European legislation.

They will assist the EC with three key elements of the program, namely:

• Measure the administrative costs for business stemming from the selected
European legislation (covering 13 priority areas).
• Identify opportunities for reduction of administrative burden.
• Assist the Commission with communications activities around the project.

Partner Richard Doherty of Deloitte Belgium said: ‘We are excited to assist
the European Commission with this important project. In order to remain globally
competitive it is important for the European Union to constantly seek to deliver
efficiencies within and between public sector and industry.’

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