TS: Rake struck by KPMG results jinx

While the money always looks good (indeed Rake took home £1.6m last year which means no Bob Cratchet experience for him at Christmas) there are always those medical mishaps to put a dampener on things.

Last year all the journos summoned to Salisbury Square to hear the good news noticed Rake was in Hush Puppies on doctor’s orders because he had bad feet. They didn’t exactly match the fine Saville Row pinstripe.

This year the press event, along with the mince pies and mulled wine, was almost cancelled because Rake had come a cropper playing polo and hurt his back.

Seems like annual results are turning into a jinx for Rake. Let’s hope results never slump. God only knows what he’d do to himself.

KPMG’s Jonah at the top had also faced a spot of bother earlier on the same day. Just before talking about his firm’s annual results, Rake let slip a rather embarrassing incident while out among the Christmas hoards.

Apparently, while out shopping, one of his debit cards was rejected.

A red-faced Rake then discovered there was no money in his account.

This for a man who has just picked up a cool £1,650,000 for his services must have been a bit humiliating.

Rake’s finance man Alan Reid then tried to explain that there should have been something in there as he had just put all the partners’ Christmas pay cheques through. ‘But that was the wrong account,’ complained an impoverished Rake.


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