Which? website not in Web Trader

The scheme, which has 1600 member websites, has operated since June 1999. It is designed to show surfers that the website can be trusted, but the organisation somehow failed to bring TaxCalc within the scheme despite conducting sales through it.

A CA spokesman said: ‘TaxCalc is not part of the Web Trader Scheme. It was an omission on our part not to have done so, it should have been included.’

The spokesman said the TaxCalc website was seperate from its own Which? e-store, which is in the scheme.

However, the organisation’s Web Trader code of practice says that companies should apply the same standard of security measures to websites operated by third parties and sub-contractors.

You can read the code of practice here.

In the past, both and have had their Web Trader accreditation withdrawn, although the latter’s has since been reinstated.

Earlier, security analyst Mark Read of MIS-CDS said the CA should have its own Web Trader accreditation withdrawn until it had conducted security audits on any of its websites storing credit card details.


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