Taking Stock – Where on earth? The iceman cometh from Norway

‘Where on earth’ is dead – long live ‘where on earth’.[QQ] For one week only – probably – Taking Stock’s much-maligned feature has returned. After all, we understand readers’ love-hate relationship with the global spotlight on travelling readers. Last month Richard Anning headed north, a little bit further north and then north again. Richard, marketing manager at business solutions provider Agresso, soon found himself in the bar of the Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden, 200kms above the Arctic Circle. The hotel – very much an annual event – is made each year of some 10,000 tonnes of ice and 30,000 tonnes of snow. It melts away around June. It’s become a regular haunt for those seeking something different. Big-haired, sometime rock gods Van Halen even filmed a video for a single there a couple of years ago. It was not too much of a trek, however, for Richard who now lives in Norway. But he still reads TS each day on the train to work.

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