15 people on BNP membership list call themselves ‘accountant’

At least 15 people on the leaked British National Party membership roster
call themselves accountants.

The list, which contains the details of more than
people, found its way onto the internet
after a disgruntled ex-employee of
the far-right organisation decided to post it, and a search of the document
found people flagging themselves up as members of the profession.

In addition to their names addresses and phone numbers, some of the
individuals also claimed to be members of the UK’s leading institutes.

One described himself as a finance director currently working in Russia.

A spokesman for one institute said that individual members political
affiliations were ‘ a matter for them and not for us,’ but added that any breach
of the body’s code of ethics and conduct would be punished.

The list may include lapsed members of the party and the names and addresses
of people who have expressed an interest in joining the party, but have not
signed up.

However, some others on the list have already voiced fears that their jobs
were on the line because the document was out in the open.

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