New software package from Atlantic

The package dubbed Business Suite consists of three applications – Timesheet Expert Server, Atlantic Projections and Timesheet Expert Web.

The company said they were designed to meet the needs of accountancy practices and multinationals faced with the rapidly changing business environment.

The packages are compatible with existing accountancy software such as those developed by Sage and Sun Accounting who are also Atlantic’s strongest competitors.

‘The applications can be used individually or together and allow employees to log their timesheets and expenses, allocate their time and skills, as well as facilitating the sharing of information,’ said a spokeswoman.

The benefits on the managerial side aim to cut time and money in project assignment. By inputting employees’ skills and expertise the product will automatically match staff to projects.

Cost and implementation time scales vary depending on the size of the company and the number of users. Prices range from £90 per user to £40 per user, with implementation taking up to 2 days.

Atlantic EC has already developed products for businesses such as Barclays Bank, Astra Zeneca and the Stock Exchange.

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