Institute launches special egm website

And the website, which can be found at, will also carry a live webcast of the meeting.

The front page of the site is dominated by calls from the ICAEW council to vote against the reforms spelled out by dissident Don Heady and ‘enable our institute to get on with the job of supporting and promoting the work of chartered accountants.’

However, the site also contains the requisitioners’ statement, written by Heady and fellow requisitioner Noel Kelleway, urging members to vote in favour of their proposals

Today at the institute’s annual conference, ICAEW president Michael Groom added fuel to the already heated district societies debate when he welcomed the institute’s new regional structure, set to open from July 2001.

Groom said: ‘Our ten regional business centres will work alongside, and indeed strengthen, our existing district societies to raise the profile of chartered accountants in the emerging regional business and government forums. It is a chance we must take, if our members are to have a seat at the table to decide regional economic policies.’


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