Virgin Atlantic boss wants Tories to ground tax hike plans

Virgin Atlantic’s most senior figure is lobbying the Conservative Party to
scrap plans to raise taxes on air travel if they come to power.

Air Passenger Duty is due to rocket in two phases by up to 113% by November
next year. The first stage of the increase came into force on 1 November.

Steve Ridgeway warned the proposed increases would hurt the aviation industry
and also damage the British economy,

“It will also tax many hard working British holidaymakers out of flying
altogether,” said Ridgeway.

“We are therefore calling on the Conservatives to see sense on this issue and
commit to scrapping the planned increase for 2010 if they are successful at the
next election.

“Everyone knows the airline industry, along with the wider UK business
community, will be severely damaged by these unjust future increases in APD.”

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