City police in forensic hunt

The body is hiring a specialist forensic accountant to strengthen its new and
larger national fraud unit. The City of London Police has now been given the
responsibility to lead national fraud investigations for England and Wales.

Recruitment sources say that the position has been opened to external
candidates since there are no suitable internal candidates.

The role, which is offering a salary of between £30k-40k, falls under the
economic crime department and requires an accountant with in-house forensic
accountancy expertise, financial investigation, and experience of analysis and
interpretation of material seized or obtained during investigations.

Duties include preparing evidence for use in court and questioning victims
and witnesses of financial crime to recover technical information and evidence,
as well as ensuring all relevant financial information necessary in case
investigation is found.

The department is also taking on 39 additional police officers and support
staff who will be part of the new national fraud unit.

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