No longer a job for life

Do you think you will spend your entire career in accountancy?

Just 32% said they didn’t expect to stay in accountancy. (Two per cent didn’t answer.) The ethos of a job for life is largely extinct and the accountancy profession has proved to be no exception. A sense of loyalty to one’s firm or employer appears to be evaporating and accountants are now starting to look for new jobs after a year or so in the job – even if it is only occasionally.

If you could start your career again, would you still choose accountancy?

If not, what career would you choose?

Most respondents would still choose accountancy as a career, given the chance again. ACCA members (79%) are happiest with their career choice, while 69% of CIMA members surveyed said they would take the same route again.

But there are those who are still unhappy in their jobs. Respondents cited boredom, stress, long hours and lack of variety as reasons for being unhappy in their work. The 24% of respondents who said they wouldn’t choose accountancy again mentioned teaching, medicine, law and creative/media work as preferred professions.

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