Accountants spoiling for a fight

While TS should really spend the weekend catching up on a bit of work, someone mentioned that the FA cup semi-finals are on. So, two days of sitting on front of the telly with a beer in hand seem inescapable. But as the two Uniteds of Newcastle and Manchester, along with Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers, prepare to do battle, it seems a fitting end to what has been a rather confrontational week in the world of TS.

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The Scots are revolting! ICAS has taken exception to the suggested name for a merged ICAEW and CIPFA, and its not going to take this lying down. TS suspects that defences are being strengthened down at Moorgate Place at this very moment.

Another fiery Scot has also been on the warpath, this time against the US. But rather than resorting to angry rants, Sir David Tweedie is cutting the Yanks down to size with hisrapier wit.

On the subject of influential Celts tearing into US policy, it seems internal market commissioner Charlie McCreevy doesn’t know his Eagles as well as he should, getting the lines from Hotel California slightly wrong. If anyone has any other lyrics that could offer good comparisons to the SEC, do let TS know about it here .

And now to ‘battling’ for new staff’, ahem. The Big Four’s search for new staff reaches new levels of shameless bribery at an international recruitment event, but competition is extremely tough from the business community.

That’s enough from TS for now, but there’s plenty more on our blog to keep you tided over on the weekend, if you’re not watching the footy, that is.

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