KPMG Canada sued for unpaid overtime

KPMG’s Canada division has been hit with a lawsuit from employees claiming
compensation for unpaid overtime.

The $20m class-action case, filed in the Ontario Superior Court this week,
claims overtime compensation for non-chartered accountant employees engaged in
work of more than 44 hours in a week.

Chartered accountants are excluded, by regulation, from overtime provisions.

A technician heads the list of those bringing the case against the firm.
Alison Corless of Toronto, is seeking $87,000 in overtime pay which she claims
the firm owes her for work done between 2000 and 2004.

The firm responded by saying it provides a ‘competitive’ compensation and
benefits package for employees, reported.

‘Our comprehensive compensation practices include overtime policies which
comply with applicable legislative requirements.

‘We have only recently received this lawsuit and will be reviewing it in
detail with our counsel before making any further response,’ the firm in a

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