Overwhelming support for lifting the VAT burden on charities

Undertaken on behalf of the Charities Tax Reform Group, the survey reveals 79% of the public disagree with Government policy and say charities should not bear the financial burden of VAT.

Nick Kavanagh, chairman of the reform group, said at the body’s AGM yesterday: ‘These results show overwhelmingly that the public is behind the campaign to lift the burden of VAT from charities.

‘Charities provide crucial support for some of the most vulnerable members of society, it seems unfair that this activity is taxed when the Government says it is supportive of the work of charities.’

The survey also found that fewer than three in 10 adults were aware that charities pay taxes which they cannot recover. Four in 10 believed incorrectly that charities have to pay no tax at all.

Government unveils tax boost it claims could boost charity income by £1.5bn

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