SAP recruit former Barclays executive

Accounting software provider SAP will soon have a new vice president, in the
form of Dominic Trotta, who has left the banking sector for the technolodgy

Trotta was once chief information officer at Barclays, and will now be based
in Germany and New York in his new role with SAP,

He brings more than 25 years’ worth of experience to SAP with various IT
positions at Citi, Chase Manhattan and other firms.

Bob Stutz, a member of the executive council with SAP, said Trotta’s
firsthand knowledge of large-scale business and technology demands will
strengthen SAP’s ability to deliver.

“Having his kind of industry leadership within SAP will enable us to
accelerate the already substantial momentum we have built to date, and help take
us to the next level in the financial services industries,” he said.

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global head of financial services at SAP

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