TS: Parky spoils Poynter’s big night out

And this year, much to the firm’s delight, PricewaterhouseCoopers had secured its own place at the top table by sponsoring the top award on offer.

With all the other gongs duly presented, the host, Michael Parkinson, sought to work the event up to a knuckle-chewing climax.

As PwC supremo Kieran Poynter waited to move from the wings and into the spotlight, Parky introduced the esteemed sponsor of the Newspaper of the Year Award.

‘And here from PricwaterhouseCoopers to present the award,’ the chat show king began, ‘is senior buyer Kieran Poynter.’

So has PwC taken the dress-down trend to its logical conclusion by appointing a senior figure to take charge of fashion purchasing on the firm’s behalf? Much as we would like to believe it to be the case, TS suspects not.

To his credit Poynter took it well; as he gave the prize to the Daily Mail he didn’t flinch. And he continued to wear a smile for the rest of the evening.

But in the company of hundreds of media luvies you wouldn’t expect a seniorbuyer to do anything else, would you?

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