Taking Stock – Sailor costs chancellor a packet, plus VAT.

What do you need to make a stand against the tax laws of this country?

Forget demonstrations through the capital or a burning effigy of the chancellor – a packet of eccles cakes, a pint of milk and a boat call Plus VAT is what you need to start a revolution.

Novice yachtsman Eric Abbott has combined his first ever summer cruise aboard a 24ft yacht which he has spent the last 18 years building with a protest against VAT.

But his journey has been plagued with difficulties and he has been forced to call out the coastguard 10 times since setting off on 23 April.

The amateur sailor planned to cross the Irish Sea and armed himself with a trusty copy of the 1997 AA Road Atlas of the UK to navigate the treacherous waters of the west coast, a pint of milk and a packet of Eccles cakes to keep him going.

Coastguards have urged the unemployed painter to end his Chay Blythe attempts until he has mastered basic navigation skills.

It looks as the old seadog’s protest will continue, ‘I’m not a bad sailor but you need local knowledge to help you at night. When you are out there on your own the sea can be a big place. I have a chart but it isn’t very detailed and can be a bit confusing for a novice.’

So far the coastguard’s bill for going to Mr Abbott’s aid is £30,000 – TS wonders if that is plus VAT? ?:

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